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Haixing HEMCO Auto Parts Industrial Co., LTD


HEMCO Industries, China


No. 1 Minmetals Industrial Zone
Haizheng Road, Haixing County,

Local (918) 342-3488
Fax (918) 342-5026

HEMCO Industries
HEMCO Chinese facility

Our 200,000-square foot Chinese facility also plays an important role in our company’s success. Located in the Hebei Province, this facility is within 100 km of one of the top five shipping ports in China. In addition, it is a mere 20 km away from a port that is currently being constructed. The close proximity to ports makes it easy for us to ship our products to the United States and all over the world.

It’s also important to note that the Hebei Province is one of the major steel producers in the region. Due to the location, we several high quality and reputable steel mills to work with.

HEMCO Leaf Springs Facilities
HEMCO China Warehouse

It is also 2.5 hours south of Beijing. Many businesses are being forced out of Beijing in an effort to curb pollution. Our location outside of the city means we won’t have to worry about undergoing a major move.

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