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Boat Trailer Manufacturers

As a boat trailer manufacturers, you have a unique set of needs in regards to building the boat trailer suspension system. You need leaf springs that offers a […]

Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers

Specialty Vehicle Automotive leaf spring manufacturers are an important industry to EMCO. From golf cars to small construction loaders specialty vehicles are tasked with transporting or loading people […]

Axle Manufacturers

Axle manufacturers have a duty to include the best parts when making their products. That includes the leaf spring. A quality leaf spring is the heart of the […]

Open & Enclosed Trailer

Trailer manufacturers want to provide their clients with the best ride possible that will stand up to every application. That means it is essential to use the right […]


As a leaf spring distributor, it is up to you to provide your customer base with the products and services they need to meet their needs. EMCO […]

This is just a sample of the markets we serve. To learn more, please visit our markets pages. Also, feel free to contact EMCO Industries if you have a need that is outside of one of these markets. Our team of engineers is able to handle most leaf spring needs, even ones outside of the markets below.

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