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EMCO Industries brings 30 years of experience manufacturing spring steel products. We know where to buy the highest quality steel, how to ensure it meets industry standards and what it takes to process the steel into the product you need. We are adept at converting raw steel to full martensite as well as tempering the spring steel to meet both ductility and wear-life criteria.

Also known as rotary mower blades and brush hog blades, EMCO has entered this market to service the need for a quality blade backed by outstanding service.

We follow ISO and ASABE standards for testing and traceability. Safety is our number 1 priority for both our customers and the end-users. Developing quality products that are safe and reliable is fundamental to our approach.

Our rotary blades are made to OEM specifications using best practices developed by the industry. FORGING at the hole and the cutting edge will yield consistent performance and adhere to specifications.
EMCO' offers unparelleled commitment to customer service. We understand that our success depends on your success not only when it comes to quality but on the delivery front as well. Words like "stock", "inventory", "build to forecast" are firmly in our vocabulary.

Let us develop a plan to meet your particular needs for the highest quality brush hog blades.


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