Heavy Duty Leaf Springs

For over 30 years, EMCO has been manufacturing leaf springs in America, using American steel, for American companies. As an award-winning OEM supplier, we are on time that time, this time, and every time!

For over three decades, EMCO Industries has been a heavy duty truck leaf spring supplier to the heavy-duty trailer industry. From providing quality and delivery solutions to cutting costs, we work with our customers to ensure they get the best products each and every time. Over the years, we have built a reputation for fast service, competitive prices, and real solutions.

fast order fulfillment

One reason companies turn to us is our fast order fulfillment. We keep a catalog of heavy-duty trailer leaf springs in stock, ready to ship immediately. We keep enough on hand to cover orders of various sizes, reducing customer wait time. Also, because we are conveniently located in Oklahoma, shipping only takes two days to most anywhere in the US and freight costs are kept to a minimum.

heavy duty leaf spring

Each leaf spring we send out is identified with a manufacturer's lot code. This provides the traceability needed to assure we have complete control through the manufacturing process and traceability in the final application.

quality comes first

Even though we are known for our speed, we never let up regarding quality. We have decades of experience making trailer leaf springs for heavy-duty applications. That experience is reflected in our work. From the best spring steel to extensive testing, each product that leaves our facility is best in class. It's no surprise that our springs are known for longevity, safety, and quality.

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