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At EMCO Industries, we eat, live, and breathe leaf springs. Manufacturing and distributing leaf springs is our passion, and it shows through to our work.

We have been lucky enough to live our passion for over twenty years. During that time, we have become well-known for our complete line of leaf springs, as well as agricultural implements and heat-treated products. We currently have over 500 cataloged products, and our highly skilled engineers also customize products.

Our cataloged and customized leaf springs can be found on everything from agricultural equipment to specialty applications, and many things in between. They are found in the United States and on international soil as well. They might be far and wide, but they all have one thing in common: they are high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our facility is also close to an abundance of natural gas, which we use for heat treated parts. This cuts down on natural gas costs, a savings we pass on to our customers.

We are also close to domestic steel mills. This is important since we like to be involved in every aspect of making our springs, starting with selecting the spring steel. We understand everything there is to know about spring steel, and by personally selecting it, we ensure that our customers get the very best every time they order from us.

We use this facility for high tech orders, such as parabolic springs. We also handle most of our custom orders out of this facility. Even with our high tech and custom order capabilities, this facility can still handle high volume orders.

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