For over twenty years EMCO Industries has provided a complete line of leaf springs in addition to agricultural implements and heat-treated products to the United States and the world! 

At this time we have over 500 cataloged products and also provide custom pieces designed by our highly skilled engineers. 


Our cataloged and customized leaf springs can be found on everything from agricultural equipment to specialty applications and many things in between.

Though our products can be found all over the world, one thing is for sure, they are all of the same exceptional quality and competitive pricing across the board. 



Our Claremore shop was built with our natural resources in mind and is centrally located close to an abundance of natural gas. Being so close to the gas used for heat-treated parts cuts down on the cost of natural gas– savings we pass on to our customers.   

Our shop is also close to domestic steel mills, an important factor in allowing us to be involved in every step of making our springs beginning with steel selection.

At EMCO, we understand everything there is to know about spring steel, and by personally selecting it, we can ensure that our customers get the very best every time they order from us.

No matter how high tech the order, we’re able to handle most of our custom, high tech and high volume orders in Claremore. This makes doing business with the rest of the United States prompt and practical. 


The Hebei Province is a major steel producer which makes it the ideal location for our 200,000 square foot Chinese facility. At this location, we partner with several reputable steel mills to transform the highest quality steel into products of the same caliber. 

Being close to five shipping ports also makes shipping products internationally very convenient. 


If you have questions about our products or would like more information about what EMCO Industries can do for you, please contact us today! 

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