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At EMCO Industries, we eat, live, and breathe spring steel. Manufacturing and distributing spring steel is our passion, which shows in our customer satisfaction.

We have been lucky enough to live our passion for over thirty years. During that time, we have become well-known for our complete line of leaf springs, agricultural implements, and other heat-treated products. We have over 500 cataloged products and routinely manufacture products for specific customer applications.

Our leaf springs can be found on heavy-duty trailers, RVs, boat trailers, open and closed utility trailers, specialty vehicles, agricultural equipment, and many other applications. We supply our products globally and pride ourselves in delivering the best product at the best value on time.


EMCO Industries is a different kind of leaf spring manufacturer. We don’t just specialize in springs and products made from spring steel. We eat, live, and breathe spring steel. Because of that, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to springs. We have vast product knowledge and know how to solve many spring-related problems. Come to us with your leaf spring problem, and allow our engineers to provide a solution.

We are the only domestic manufacturer with a company-owned facility in China. This allows us flexibility to provide our customers with the best solution possible, while maintaining control during the entire process, from the time we receive your order, until the product reaches your dock.


We have built our business on knowledge, continuous improvements, innovation, globalism, and professionalism.

At the core of our company's approach lies lean manufacturing. This commitment drives us to seek opportunities to reduce expenses and enhance quality continually.

Simply put, lean manufacturing helps us deliver quality products on time at competitive prices.


Our Locations



Our headquarters is in Claremore, Oklahoma and our 95,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is centrally located in the United States, minimizing freight charges and improving delivery times.



Our 200,000-square-foot Chinese facility plays a vital role in our company’s success. Located in the Hebei Province, this facility is near Tianjin's port, making it easy for us to ship products to the United States or wherever our customers require them.

Our Chinese facility allows us to offer a blended supply solution to our customers.

High Quality Products


As an International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001:2015 supplier, EMCO Industries manufactures products with safety, quality, and longevity in mind. Quality management is the cornerstone of the ISO 9000 family, and we take those rules, guidelines, and regulations seriously. This is how we consistently deliver best-in-class products to our customers.

We utilize state-of-the-art fatigue testing and use finite element software for modeling. Along with in-house salt spray testing and rigorous hardness testing. This helps us ensure all our products are of the highest quality.

Markets Served


EMCO Industries serves a large number of markets. Some of these include:

  • Heavy duty trailer manufacturers

  • Axle manufacturers

  • Open and closed trailer manufacturers

  • Specialty vehicle manufacturers

  • Boat trailer manufacturers

  • Brush Hog manufacturers

  • Agricultural implement and component manufacturers

  • Mobile home axle manufacturers

To learn more, please visit our Products Page, and contact us if you need information outside of one of the markets mentioned.

Our engineers can handle most leaf spring needs, even outside the markets mentioned above.

Please pick up the phone and call EMCO Industries today to learn more about our services. You can also talk to one of our engineers about your specific needs. Our team is on hand, ready to assist you.


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