fatigue testing capabilities

Fatigue testing is essential when designing leaf springs. We want to know how our springs will perform in the real world; fatigue testing allows us to see that. We use fatigue testing machines to validate all of our designs or processes. The machine goes through cycles to replicate what will happen on the field. This type of quality control is one of the reasons why EMCO Industries is trusted by everyone from agriculture component manufacturers to specialty vehicle manufacturers.

finite element analysis software

It is impossible to ensure a durable design without using software for modeling. Our finite element analysis software models entire systems and analyzes the stress points. Then we can remove stress from the places it doesn’t need to be. This helps us create highly durable leaf springs that last.

we lead with internally designed programs

We also improve quality with internally designed programs. Designed by various leaders at our company, these programs are unique in the industry. They ensure that we maintain best-in-class quality while utilizing the industry's best technology.

training and qualifications

Training and qualifications lay the foundation for an excellent quality system. Our team engages in on-the-job training and has decades of problem-solving experience through testing and validating. Our industry constantly changes, and we ensure our employees continue learning to keep up with the changes.

Quality is the most important factor in this industry, and EMCO Industries has it covered. Call us today if you want quality, competitively priced leaf springs or agricultural components.